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Anne Wensley and John Groves are local historians who have written books about the history (European settlement) of Caloundra, Kawana Waters and North Bribie Island

Anne has lived and worked in Caloundra since 1965. Previous to this, she holidayed in her grandmother's holiday home in Moffat Beach for family annual holidays since mid the 1940s.

Anne, and her deceased husband, Selwyn Wensley, were transferred as teachers to the Sunshine Coast (then the North Coast). Selwyn taught at Caloundra Secondary Department (now Caloundra State High) 1965 - 1987 and Anne from 1967-1983. Anne has taught in local high schools for three decades; Local History, Citizenship Education, English & Human Relationships Education.

She was the Inaugural President of the Shire of Landsborough Historical Society (Now Landsborough Historical Museum Inc) in 1973 and is also an office bearer in the Friends of Caloundra Lighthouses Inc.

In response to a need for schools to teach local history, Anne wrote "An Introduction to the History of Caloundra" in 1977. Since then John and Anne have collaborated on a series of books.

I have lived and breathed Caloundra's growth for half a century now. I have been actively involved in many facets of Caloundra; Education, Welfare, Sport, Heritage and the Environment. I've seen Caloundra grow from 2,000 people when I arrived to live here to 72,000 (2012-4551 figures)" Anne Wensley

On Australia Day 2016,Anne was  presented  with  the Sunshine Coast Council's Senior Citizen  Award  for her contribution to the community of Caloundra

John Groves and his wife Janice have lived and worked in Caloundra since 1987. John first became interested in Caloundra's history while crabbing on Bribie Island and stumbling upon the then crumbling remains of Fort Bribie (World War II) on North Bribie Island.

The Fort has since then been partly restored by National Parks. John is a member of Friends of Caloundra Lighthouses and has an extremely extensive private collection of historical photographs and stories.

John has holidayed in Caloundra at Bulcock Beach since the early 1950's with his family, so has a deep appreciation of Caloundra's growth.

John and Anne met in 2004 and decided to collaborate. Anne does the writing and layout, John the photos and research and Janice the typing.

John also repairs damaged photographs as well as converting old 8mm film and video cassettes to DVD discs. He is also able to convert old LP records, reel to reel tape and audio cassettes to CD discs.

The Authors

The Authors John, Janice Groves & Anne Wensley Images courtesy millsphotography.com.au